Tesla Model S Cquartz Finest

Time to catch up on some write ups! Been very busy lately but wanted to post this one. Was a fun car to detail. This was our 3rd Tesla I believe (3rd or 4th). This time we were working with white – and AGAIN, they drove quite a long ways for us to work on their new baby.
The owners were very cool and had decided to just go on ahead and buy a car they wanted NOW rather than save up and get one later – I say they chose wisely.
We talked with the owner and settled on going with a full CQuartz Package – Finest on paint and wheels, Dlux on hard plastic and FlyBy30 on glass.Now while this was not our typical HUGE turn around, there was definitely some areas that needed extra attention – and sometimes that can be more difficult to spot than just going at the whole car with a full correction approach. The majority of the vehicle just needed a light polish to clean and gloss it up – but there were some defects that tried to hide: