Understanding How Car Window Tinting Works

When you see tinted windows, you’re likely to initially regard their sleek appearance. Tinted windows offer more than just a luxurious façade to any vehicle; they protect you and your car from harmful sun rays. With all these perks, it’s natural to wonder what makes window tinting so impactful. Windows & Wheels Auto Detailing reveals crucial tidbits to understanding how car window tinting works.

How Does Window Tinting Work?

To debunk the idea that window tinting is an exterior process, we’ll start by noting that tinting is applied on the inside. This prevents the tint from wearing down due to external conditions, such as precipitation and road contaminants.

First Layer

Understanding how car window tinting works requires you to inspect both layers of window tint and what they do. The majority of tint film is comprised of a sheet of strong polyester laminate. The laminate gets treated in different ways depending on the desired look and performance of the existing windows. Once the polyester layer is complete, an additional thin layer is added.

Second Layer

The second, thin layer is made up of tinting agents that create the performance aspect of tinted windows. The tinting agents vary based on the kind of tint being produced—metal, dye, or ceramic.

This layer functions to block damaging sun rays that can impact vehicle interior quality. Passengers are also protected by window tinting, as it shields them from UV-A and UV-B rays that cause skin cancer. Regardless of tint type, window tinting follows four basic principles.

  • Reflection
  • Radiation
  • Absorption
  • Transmittance

Sputter Coating

Sputter coating is a coating of metal particles. Using this coating, tint films are able to fulfill their duty and reflect a great portion of visible and UV rays away from the vehicle. The more sputter applied, the more sunlight your tint will reject.

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