Why Apply a Ceramic Coating Over a Clear Bra?

There are various ways we can protect our vehicles. Many will rightfully put the priority on safety features, but there are also some methods you can try that can also protect a car’s exterior from outside elements. When you detail your car, there are two common types of protection you can get: ceramic coating and clear bra. Instead of choosing one over the other, learn about the benefits of using both. So, why apply a ceramic coating over a clear bra? Learn about some of the benefits below.

​Offers Increased Protection

​When you put ceramic coating over a clear bra, you are essentially adding more protection for your vehicle. With the addition of ceramic coating, you create a hydrophobic surface that keeps contaminants off the paint.

​It’s Easier to Clean

​Adding ceramic coating over a clear bra paint can also be beneficial because it makes your ride much easier to clean. This is because ceramic coating is slick and provides more protection, so less work needs to be done when it’s time to clean your car’s exterior.

​Reduces Fading

​A downside to clear bra protection is that it’s known to cause fading; specifically, it can fade the exterior of your vehicle. However, when you add ceramic coating over it, you can then give your car that added bit of protection from the sun and reduce fading.  

​Increases Gloss

The final reason why you should apply ceramic coating over a clear bra is that it can improve your vehicle’s overall look by adding more gloss to it. This is a nice benefit that comes with ceramic coating over a clear bra.

After wondering why you should apply ceramic coating over a clear bra and learning about some of the benefits, you might be inclined to make a change. Windows and Wheel Auto Detailing offers CQuartz ceramic coating for those who are looking to add some over their clean bra and add even more protection to their vehicle.