Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings, when properly installed,  provide 3 major benefits that every car owner can benefit from.

* Protection - dull and oxidized paint..is ugly paint. This damage often times comes from the sun and from harsh chemicals often times found in car care products. Our ceramic coatings protect your vehicle from both.

* Easy Maintenance - Washing your car in Arizona can be a pain. Its hot, we have hard water…and its really really hot! Our ceramic coatings not only keep your car cleaner for longer, it also creates a hydrophobic, non-stick type of surface that makes cleaning your car a breeze.

* Insane levels of gloss! - Let’s face it - we can talk about “protection” this and “taking care of your investment” that…but if you’re on our site, it's because you want your car to LOOK amazing as well. Our professional grade ceramic coatings don’t just give you an amazing finish to your paint. They give it to you for years.

DQUARTZ Nano Diamond Quartz Fusion

Meet CQUARTZ’s toughest companion DQUARTZ: a "functionalized nano-diamond" ceramic coating. Before we get to the description from CARPRO... let us speak PLAINLY. "functionalized nano-diamond"? Does this mean the coating is as hard as diamonds or is it a traditional natural diamond substance? NO. Functionalized nano-diamonds are synthetic and you can learn a lot more about them utilizing the supercomputer you are currently reading this on :). So what does this mean in REAL LIFE? In our estimation and understanding based on testing and the testing of some of you, DQUARTZ creates an incredibly strong, thick, and durable coating all on its own! Paired with Pro or Reserve takes on additional attributes and strengths! When used as a durable base layer for either CQUARTZ Professional or CQUARTZ Finest, these coatings appear to be more resilient than ever. As previously noted, DQUARTZ can be applied as a standalone coating with 2 coats of DQUARTZ only, but it will not have the slickness of Pro, or Finest.

Prevent paint fading & paint oxidation:

Have you ever seen a car that looks like this?


Whether a Ford or Ferrari - all paints are susceptible to oxidation, fading…and even clear coat failure if not maintained properly. Most of us don’t want to have to wax our car every 2-4 weeks - and that’s where the long lasting protection of ceramic coatings really shine (yup, that was a pun!)

Easy Maintenance

Our ceramic coatings are extremely concentrated - so what does that mean for you? It means not only do you have a thick, durable layer of environmental protection between your paint and the elements - It also means your days of spending hours to clean your car are over. The majority of dirt and grime will rinse right off of your vehicles paint, wheels, glass and plastics once we’re finished. With very simple maintenance, which we can either provide for your - or show you how to do (we’re big on education here!) your car will continue to look amazing for years.

It’s all about the gloss:

Whether a deep, wet ink look on a dark color car - or an insane level of shine on a light color car, our ceramic coatings bring your cars’ gloss to another level - and will keep it there. Not only does a newer looking car make your time as the owner more enjoyable…people will gladly pay more for a cosmetically well maintained car as well. A higher resale value is just an added perk of taking care of your baby now.

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