Protect your Tesla with Paint Protection Film, Window Tint, or Color Change Vinyl Wrap.

What we offer:

Our shop is the most popular in Gilbert Arizona for protecting Tesla. We specialize in clear bra paint protection film, ceramic coating, paint correction, window tinting, and full color change vinyl wrap. See our gallery of work of all the Tesla we have worked on here.

Paint Protection Film (a.k.a Clear Bra)

Paint protection film (PPF for short) is your #1 defense option to stop rock chips and scratches from happening to your new truck. Cybertrucks in particular are notorious for having Bare Metal that scratches easily - which is why many Cybertruck owners get paint protection film.

We feature Stek DYNOShield for our clear (Gloss) paint protection film of choice and Stek DYNOMatte if you’d like the same great protection as the gloss offers but with a sleek matte finish. Both offer a 10-year warranty and self-healing top coat. 

All of our installs are cut in-house or custom installed, which gives us the ability to ensure excellent coverage, wrapped edges, and a super clean and durable look. Our installers have thousands of hours of experience and 100’s of cars under their belt. Our entire team is obsessed with putting out the best quality, which takes time, experience and a serious obsession with their craft. 

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are an excellent way to protect your car from environmental damage such as UV rays, staining from bugs, sap or bird poop. It is always recommended to have paint correction done prior to any ceramic coating installation. This helps to make sure your paint is in as perfect of condition as possible as well as ensures the coating will bond directly to your paint, which helps it literally last for years. We also feature ceramic coating your wheels, brake calipers, glass and plastic trim to make all of these areas super easy to clean and resist damage and fading from the sun. CQuartz Finest Reserve is our featured ceramic coating, which we have installed for over a decade with excellent results and durability even in Az’s extreme heat.

Window Tint

Window tinting offers 3 huge advantages. A sleek and custom look, protection for your skin and leather from UV rays - and with ceramic tint - a high level of IR ray rejection, to keep your interior cooler. Our full ceramic tint offers 95% IR ray rejection, 99% UV rejection and a lifetime warranty - but more important than the film, is the installer. Getting a clean, durable and beautiful tint install is all a part of our process to ensure you roll away cooler and cleaner backed by a lifetime warranty from a company who’s been around for over a decade. 

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