Full Color Change

Get Your Car Wrapped into Something Unique & New!

Custom Wrap Designs

Custom Auto Wraps, Unique Graphic Designs & Colors

-Wraps are an Excellent Alternative to an Expensive New Paint Job

-Wraps are Perfect for Cost-Effective High Visibility Advertising

-Custom Vinyl Wraps Changes Your Auto from Stock to AWESOME!


Besides adding protection to the stock paint, wraps can easily be removed without harming the underlying original paint job.


Custom Vehicle Wraps can be anything from Racing Stripes or Flames to a Full Color Change or Custom Advertising Graphic Design to advertise every mile! Advertising Wraps last for years and can easily pay for itself in a few months in New Customer Business! Custom Graphic Wrap Designs can add Unique and Amazing Style to Any Vehicle. With Windows & Wheels you are only limited to Your Imagination to Make Your Vehicle Stand Out Like No Other!

A paint job can range from $2,000-$10,000+ depending on the quality and color choice. A vehicle wrap can cost $500-$5000+ depending on the material and extent of the project and will have a life expectancy of 5-8 years, vinyl depending. For a fraction of the cost of paint, one can choose to wrap their vehicle for as long or little as they want. Along with this much cheaper price tag, comes several benefits that paint cannot offer. With all the incredible colors to choose from, you are sure to find the color change vehicle wrap that’s just right for you. These wraps provide all the sparkling color of a quality paint job without the time and expense. Paint quality can vary especially whilst looking for a cheaper price. Cheaper paints will look great at first, but within a few years will begin to look awful and need to be redone. Professionally installed vehicle wraps will leave your vehicle with a breathtaking finish for years to be admired.
Being able to maintain the Manufacturer’s original paint will keep the resale value intact from a devalued exotic color. If your preference is, for example, a bright exotic color, it may not be your potential buyers favorite color. Having the option to keep your vehicle’s original factory color will allow you to keep your resale value intact.
Every covered inch of your vehicle in vinyl is protecting your factory paint from all natural hazards and weathering, and not be affected by prolonged sun exposure. Vehicle wrap vinyl is a very durable material and will act as a shield. Say goodbye to stone chips, abrasion, and other natural hazards! A car wrap does more than improve your vehicle’s appearance; it can protect paint from minor scratches, swirl marks, rain and pollutants. A auto wrap isn’t as effective as a clear bra paint protection film, but they are better than leaving your car’s paint exposed to the elements.
When choosing to paint your vehicle you are allowing yourself to be without transportation for up to two weeks or longer. When it comes to wrapping a vehicle, we can have your car fully transformed within 2-5 days ready to be picked back up. Don’t leave yourself stranded, wrap it!
You have more flexibility to change colors whenever you want. Painting and repainting a vehicle is significantly more expensive and time consuming, as it often takes several weeks to fully paint a car. In most cases, a quality vehicle wrap removal will only takes a day or 2.
Constantly waxing your vehicle will take its toll on you No More! Get an Auto Wrap and allow yourself to enjoy never having to wax again! Car Wraps are extremely easy to maintain and will look brand new once again from only hand washing with soap and water. Another effective form of caring for your wrap is to use a microfiber towel and 70% alcohol to wash away any dirt or smudges.
High Quality Vinyl Wraps ensures a long lasting product that can also be safely removed. A car wrap’s life is highly affected by how long it is left outside in the sun causing it to fade quicker. Keeping your vehicle in the garage will allow you to maximize your wraps life to the fullest extent. The vehicle wrap may be removed safely between the 5-8 year period and will NOT affect your current paint.

High Gloss Vinyl Wrap Colors

High Gloss Vinyl Wrap Colors have a built-in protective clear coat layer to simulate the appearance of factory applied paint. These Full Vehicle Wrap Colors are sure to provide your car with a brand new appearance that will last. Make your car look factory new once again without diminishing the factory OEM paint job value.

Matte/Satin Vinyl Wrap Finishes

Matte and Satin Vinyl wrap finishes have a dull/semi gloss finish that doesn’t shine or sparkle. These Vinyl Wrap Films are perfect to accentuate your vehicle without having an overly glossy look. Matte or Satin Wraps transform a vehicle’s surface from ordinary to exceptional and promise to turn heads on the road or at a car show or race competition.


-Matte Wrap Colors include royal purple, red, military green, blue metallic, apple green metallic and other vibrant hues, perfect for Sport Cars.


-Satin wraps in pearl, black, white, silver and pink add an extra touch of class to any Luxury Cars or a sleek new look for less expensive vehicles to look expensive.


-Matte and Satin Wraps are becoming one of the most upcoming finishes due to their simplicity and uniqueness.

Specialty Auto Wraps Have Designs and Finishes

Specialty Auto Wraps Have Designs and Finishes that Paint Just Can’t Replicate like: Authentic Carbon Fiber, Brushed Steels, Chameleon, and Chrome Finishes.

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