How much for Clear Bra

“How much is it to clear bra my car?”

- it’s a question we answer hundreds of times a month (literally.) Let's answer that question for you.

Clear bra (aka, PPF or paint protection film) pricing considers a few things when pricing is concerned. I know I know, you wanted a cut-and-dry answer and I sure as hell wish I could give you one!

However, we build out custom quotes for every vehicle we price out and that takes hours and hours every week for us to do, but we know we will give a more accurate and complete price as well as job description for your vehicle.

Here are the questions you should be asking (or questions the shop should ask you) when getting pricing for a clear bra.

1. Year, make, model and trim level of the vehicle.

It makes sense to most people that the year, make and model would help determine the price for a clear bra on their vehicle, but the trim level is also extremely important.

Take a base-level Dodge Challenger compared to a Redeye Widebody Hellcat Challenger or a base-level C8 Corvette compared to a Z06 trim level. The bumpers, fenders, rockers, spoilers, etc can all be different based on just the trim level - so when requesting a quote from a PPF shop, make sure you tell them the trim level so that you get an accurate price as well as make sure all the important areas are covered.

Wide body Challengers for example have massive painted fender flares that non-wide body trims do not. Do you think you’re going to want those rock chip and shopping cart magnets covered? You bet you do!

Making sure you relay that information when shopping for a quote is key…and if the shop you’re calling is giving you a price without asking, there's a good chance you’re not getting an accurate quote and may be in for a surprise charge when you go to drop your car off.

There are exceptions to this rule of course (Tesla’s are a great example) where trim level won’t matter, but this definitely is the exception, not the rule.

2. The size and difficulty level

Sorry guys, yes, size matters!

Your 3500 Dually is going to typically cost more than most coupes or sedans…note that I said most. There are most certainly exceptions due to the level of difficulty and accessibility (some vehicles require disassembly of certain areas in order to get proper coverage, especially on matte or color change wraps).

Difficulty also plays a huge role. A Bugatti Hellbug (yeah it's real, look it up…sooooo awesome!) is significantly smaller than a dually pick up, but will still cost more due to the level of difficulty of the installation.

While some places will not do any disassembly on vehicles before wrapping them (which we understand), we know that sometimes removing that side camera, that plastic fender trim, those door handles and side mirrors etc,  will make for a much cleaner-looking and more durable install.

Sure, we’re wrapping your full vehicle just like the other 3 shops you called…just like Gordon Ramsay may be preparing you a 7oz filet and Bob at Sizzler is slapping a 28oz t-bone on your plate. Both make you a steak, one is even significantly smaller than the other,  but the level of prep and skill that goes into preparing and completing the finished result are of totally different standards.

3. Quality of the film

Some may know Stek, Xpel, Suntek and 3M as popular PPF brand names, but did you know there are different film qualities?

Most manufacturers offer an A, B and even Training grade film. The difference between A and B grades may not be visible on a lower portion of your car and the lessened durability and gloss may not be evident when you first come pick up your car.

Guess what, some shady shops we know are very much so aware of that, unfortunately (oh yeah, we’ve got stories!!) Make sure you’re given proper warranty information with your purchase. That should include the roll # of the type of film that was installed on your vehicle, which lets you and the manufacturer know exactly what type and grade film you had applied to your car.

We install A-grade film only, no questions asked. Whether it's the hood that everybody is going to see that walks by or the diffuser on the underside of your car that most people won’t ever see, it’s A-Grade or no grade with our installs. 

4. The skill level of the installer

We cut film on your paint with razor-sharp Olfa knives….let that sink in for a second.

Yes, there are plots and pattern options available that can help reduce the amount of cutting needed, but every good installer needs to know how to safely cut film on a vehicle without actually cutting through it into your paint.

Sometimes film can be 1/16” too long and that can make the difference between a nice, crisp edge or an edge that is going to build up dirt and be an eyesore.

Do you want the cheaper guy, who’s hurrying to get the job done fast,  rushing that cut on your new car? Yeah, I don’t either lol.

I don't care if it's a $40,000 Subaru or a $400,000 McLaren, your new car deserves the time and patience needed for a safe and quality install.

We make no effort to hide the fact that we pay our installers better than most in the industry. Yup, we offer them benefits, vacation days, a state-of-the-art facility to work in and we’re constantly training to get better - and we do base our prices off of the level of skill we require them to have in order to be a part of the WW Team.

How experienced is your installer?
Not the guy/girl answering the phone, not the date the business was established, but the guy/girl taking a knife to your car. Can you meet them, talk to them, ask them questions? You can here.

5. Is it a Fully Custom, custom pattern or pattern install?

Let's first iron out the definitions of each.


Fully Custom-

These are installs that are 100% hand cut or “bulk” installed. Sometimes there is no pattern for your car, sometimes people have custom panels and sometimes patterns just won't fit! In these instances, a fully custom install is required which means the installer will need to hand-cut every inch of the install.

Custom Pattern-

Technology has come a long way when it comes to paint protection film installations. Utilizing 3D scans of your vehicle that are uploaded to a software that allows us to “plot” out patterns for your vehicle makes for great coverage and as safe of an install as possible.

We cut all of our patterns in-house, which allows us to extend edges for that perfect wrap, delete badge cut out and give you an all-around crisp, clean install with less hand cutting needed. How is that different from just a regular “Pattern Install?” I’m glad you asked!


Pattern Install - Pattern installs are exactly what they sound like. They’re pre-determined coverage with no option to alter the pattern (if you purchase online) OR…whatever design the software company made for your car, is what you get.

Want wrapped edges along your fender wells? How about having a one-piece door installation with no relief cut behind your door handles or side mirrors? Maybe you want the cut-out around your badge deleted so you can remove and replace the badge for a cleaner install?

Maybe the pattern has it, maybe it doesn’t…and if it doesn’t, you’re out of luck if you’re ordering online and you’re still out of luck if the company you’re working with isn't taking the time to customize these patterns if they do cut in house. 

Also, a fun industry fact, buying patterns online from manufacturers can cost 2-4x as much for the same material! This means you may end up paying more for a less comprehensive job…yeah, that sucks!

While we’re certainly skilled and competent enough to provide Fully Custom installs, we love utilizing Custom Patterns whenever possible. To us, it's the perfect marriage of technology and craftsmanship.
When placed in the right hands, with the right materials and tools, you’re going to get a beautiful f***ing install at WW.


We hope these questions help you better understand some of the considerations you should take when looking for a shop to work with. Whether you use our services or not, our consultations are always free and we’re more than happy to help you make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

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