STEK Window Tint

Ceramic Graphene-Infused Window Tint


STEK NEXseries window tint is a high-quality nano-ceramic window film renowned for its durability, exceptional clarity, and performance. Featuring advanced graphene technology, NEXseries achieves maximum heat rejection, blocking up to 94.59% of infrared light and 99% of UV rays. Graphene, a material used in premium electronics for battery cooling, is now incorporated into NEXseries to protect both you and your vehicle’s interior.
Our NEX Window Tint leverages the heat-dispersing properties of graphene, enhancing the efficiency of the ceramic particles in the film. This ensures your vehicle's interior remains cooler, reducing the demand on your air conditioning system. Consequently, your AC operates at a lower setting, improving fuel efficiency or extending battery life in electric vehicles. Given that many EVs feature large windows, NEXseries tint significantly helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature without affecting battery charge throughout the year.

Nano Ceramic Window Film


STEK SMARTseries window tint film offers unparalleled durability, ultra-clear visibility, and superior heat blocking capabilities. By combining super clear plastic base layers with advanced nano ceramic materials, SMARTseries blocks up to 87.5% of infrared light and reduces solar energy by up to 60%, while cutting glare by up to 92%. Enjoy clear visibility with a high-quality tint that won’t fade, change color, or bubble.
Window films have been a popular enhancement for cars and trucks for decades, and the technology has significantly advanced over the years. STEK is at the forefront of this innovation, meticulously refining the particles in our window films to achieve superior optical clarity and a premium feel for you and your passengers. Our films incorporate sun-blocking materials that outperform carbon and metalized tints in heat reduction. If you want to reduce the strain on your vehicle’s AC and enjoy a more comfortable ride during the summer, SMARTseries is the perfect choice.

Carbon Window Film


STEK ACTIONseries window tint film is a Nano Carbon tint that provides a stylish look, heat rejection and 99% UV protection. Its quality materials offer superior performance and outstanding color stability. STEK stands behind ACTIONseries window tint with a limited lifetime warranty against fading and peeling as well.

Off-Road Vehicle Tinting

At Windows and Wheels, we extend our premium tinting services to off-road vehicles as well. Whether you own a rugged ATV, UTV, or any other off-road vehicle, our high-quality window tints will enhance your vehicle's performance and comfort. Our tints provide superior heat rejection, UV protection, and glare reduction, ensuring a cooler and more enjoyable ride in even the harshest environments. Our expert technicians use the same advanced materials and meticulous installation techniques for off-road vehicles as we do for cars and trucks. This guarantees the same durability, clarity, and protection, no matter where your adventures take you.

Enhance the look and performance of your off-road vehicle with our professional tinting services. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment!

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