Easy Ways To Protect Your Car’s Paint

Protecting your car’s exterior is advantageous to its appearance, and also enhances your ride’s performance and longevity. Safeguarding your vehicle’s paint can curtail future maintenance expenses but can be quite costly itself. Luckily, there are lots of affordable and easy ways to protect your car’s paint.

Wash and Dry Frequently

One of the best ways to maintain your car’s paint is to clean it regularly. If you use your car daily, wash and dry it at least once a week. Doing so will prevent accumulation of dust and debris that could wear on the exterior.

To properly clean your ride, consider these steps.

  • Relocate your car into shade, if possible. Avoid washing it in direct sunlight.
  • Use a clean, soft, damp cloth to remove grime.
  • Use a gentle automotive cleaner and fresh cotton cloth to clean your car.
  • Thoroughly rinse your car to remove all the cleaning chemicals.
  • Get rid of excess moisture with a fresh microfiber towel. A complete drying reduces the risk of water stains on your car’s paint.

Pro Tip: For mud stains or road salt residue, try using an automotive clay bar. Gently apply automotive cleanser to remove any dried bird droppings. Don’t let these acidic contaminants stay on your car too long, as their chemical makeup can tarnish car paint.

Coat With Wax

Wax is popular for its surface level and damage reduction perks. While making your car appear shiny and new, a wax coat shields paint from harmful UV rays, splattered bugs, bird droppings, and more.

This safeguarding material is often inexpensive. Though affordable, its basic protection doesn’t last for very long—prompting a new, fresh wax coat after roughly six weeks. If you wish for longer lasting coverage, there are other easy ways to protect your car’s paint that are a bit steeper of an investment.

Invest in Paint Sealant

Paint sealants last longer than average wax, making it a popular auto investment. They work well with wax, providing double the coverage. They must be applied correctly for drivers to experience total benefits. Sealants should be reapplied every six months or so.

Trust in the Professionals

Before DIY-ing your vehicle paint’s protection, contemplate enlisting an automotive professional for the job. Windows and Wheels Auto Detailing provides numerous services to enhance the durability and appearance of car paint. With paint correction and ceramic coating being among our specialties, you are guaranteed to receive a high-grade auto finish that lasts. We also offer comprehensive packages so you can reap maximum car benefits at an ideal price.