How To Protect Your Car From Arizona Heat

As you’re probably well aware, Arizona’s heat can be quite intense. Its hot temperatures and blaring UV rays make it one tough environment for vehicles. Fortunately, Windows and Wheels Auto Detailing is here with a guide on how to protect your car from Arizona heat so you can ensure your cherished ride has a very long lifespan.

To Protect Your Car’s Exterior

Maintain your car exterior’s appearance and performance by adhering to the following tips.

Mind the Battery

You should test your vehicle’s battery often. Arizona temperatures can drain battery life quickly, which means you could wind up on the side of the road if you aren’t prepared. A regular battery checkup will also ensure the battery’ cleanliness.

Don’t Skip the Wash

Regularly washing your car is one of the easiest ways to prevent its paint job getting ruined. A routine wash minimizes the amount of road particles on your vehicle’s finish.

Road contaminants can scratch your car’s topcoat and expose its paint to intense UV rays. Routine washes will prevent your car from aging prematurely, keeping it looking glossy and new.

Add a Coat of Wax

A simple coat of wax can make a huge difference on your car’s exterior. Just as you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage, you can protect your vehicle’s paint with a fresh coat of wax. In addition to safeguarding your car’s paint from the sun, wax shields vehicles from abrasive road debris.

There are different kinds of wax to choose from based on how often you’re willing to coat your car. For infrequent waxing, opt for aCquartz ceramic coating. One application can protect your ride for up to two years!

To Protect Your Car’s Interior

The sun and heat can just as easily impact your vehicle’s interior. Check out how to protect your car’s interior from Arizona heat.

Utilize a Sun Shield

Place a sun shield in your windshield when away from your car. This will curtail harsh rays from damaging the dashboard, steering wheel, and center console. Sun shields also maintain an appropriate temperature within your vehicle, serving as a barrier to unfavorable heat.

Get Your Windows Tinted

Even the slightest tint in your windows can reduce interior heat. Window tinting also diminishes glare from the sun and UV exposure and protects passengers.

Be sure that your window tinting procedure adheres to Arizona state laws.

Crack the Windows

Avoid trapping scorching air inside your vehicle by cracking open the windows. This provides adequate ventilation so you don’t return to a stuffy, hot car after errands.

Hot air can also cause interior features to deteriorate. So not only will cracking your windows prevent discomfort, it’ll preserve your interior.