Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s New Ceramic Coating

Getting a ceramic coating for your car is one way to preserve its appearance and boost its resale value. However, if you want to maintain the finish, there are a few basic requirements you must uphold.

If you don’t know where to begin, we have you covered. Here are a few tips for maintaining your car’s new ceramic coating.

Take Your Car in for Routine Washing

Creating a routine schedule for washing your car every two weeks is one way you can maintain your coating. This is crucial because as you drive your car, dirt and other contaminants will cover your coating, which decreases the finish’s hydrophobic properties.

That is why it’s imperative to frequently remove these contaminants. Using the right cleaning material and a wash mitt will make your car easy to clean. When it’s time to dry your car off, the water will release effortlessly from the surface. You can remove any remaining moisture with a leaf blower or large fan.

Avoid Water Spots

Additional hazards to a CQuartz ceramic coating include water spots. Water spots occur when water dries on the vehicle’s surface. When the problem gets out of hand, even a thorough washing won’t release the mineral deposits.

To avoid this, wash your vehicle in shaded areas so the water won’t dry too fast. Taking your vehicle in to get decontaminated once a year will also help you eliminate any impurities left on your car.

Use Caution When Applying Additional Protection to Your Coating

What some people don’t realize about adding additional protection to a coating is that it can remove some of the protective properties of the base layer. For instance, if you put wax on a ceramic coating, any hydrophobic properties that you witness will be due to the wax, not the ceramic coat. Nonetheless, adding a “topper” can give you an additional layer of protection—but any sheeting, dust attraction, or beading will be from whatever you put on top of the coating.

Overall, taking the proper precautions with your coating will make your car look better in the long run. Now that you know some tips for maintaining your car’s new ceramic coating, you can make the best decisions to keep it in perfect condition.