What To Expect After Getting Your Car Windows Tinted

Making your car more energy-efficient is one of the main reasons to get your car windows tinted. Tinting your car windows can block out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, keeping your car cooler and saving you money on fuel costs.

Understanding what to expect after getting your car windows tinted can help you make the most of this valuable upgrade.

You May See Bubbles or Haze

After getting your car windows tinted, you may notice some bubbles or haziness. These occurrences are normal and should go away within a few days. If the bubbles or haze do not go away, contact the tinting shop where you had your windows done.

The Tint May Look Darker Than You Expected

When first applied, window tint often looks darker than expected. Once the film cures, it will lighten slightly. If the tint film is still wet after some time and has no chance of drying or curing, contact the tinting shop.

You May Need To Give the Tint Time To Set

After getting your car windows tinted, you may need to give the tint time to set. Depending on the type of tint used, this can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week. Once the tint has set, you can wash and wax your car as usual.

The amount of time needed to set the tint also depends on the severity of the sun’s heat. If you live in a hotter climate, waiting a week before exposing your car to direct sunlight and heat is best.

You Should Avoid Rolling Down the Windows for a Few Days

After getting your windows tinted, you should avoid rolling them down for at least 24 hours. This will give the tint time to set and bond to the glass.

If you roll down the windows before the tint has had a chance to set, you risk bubbles or wrinkles appearing in the film.

You May Need To Adjust Your Driving Habits

After getting window tinting services, you may need to adjust your driving habits. Tinted windows can make it more difficult to see at night, so you may need to take extra care when driving after dark.

You should also avoid using your car’s defroster or heater until the tint has had a chance to set. These features can cause the tint to bubble or peel.

If you take the time to understand what to expect after getting your car windows tinted, you can ensure your tint lasts for years. This upgrade can offer many benefits, but you must be aware of the potential drawbacks before deciding to move forward with this service.

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