Ceramic Coatings and Clear Bra – Which one to choose?

Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Pro, G-techniq and Opti-Coat.
Xpel, Suntek, Stek, Flexishield and 3M.So many brands – so much confusion!

The internet can be such a blessing when it comes to gathering information – but on the other hand it can be a curse when you become flooded with so many different reviews and videos and posts!

With so many different options, it can be near impossible to decide which coating or clear bra brand to choose!

With that in mind, here are a few questions we’ve found to be worth asking when choosing either a Ceramic Coating
​or a Clear Bra.

Questions worth asking…

 1. Are you paying for the Coating or Film Brand – or the quality of the Installer?

When I’m shopping for a service – or for anything for that matter, I’m much more concerned with the people doing the work, than I am the name of the products they use.

Think about it – if you’re having a home built, are you concerned about what brand of tools they use to build it or what brand concrete they’re using for your homes foundation OR, are you trusting more so in the reputation and capabilities of the people using those tools and products – and thus, trust their selection in tools and products?

For us, we don’t offer any product (be it ceramic coating, clear bra / film or tint) that we have not used on one of our personal vehicles and were satisfied with the results it provided.

We’ve tried MANY different coatings, films, polishes, machines and so on over the years. Most didn’t make the cut. The ones we’ve elected to continue to use however, are the ones we’ve been the most impressed with in both quality, longevity and consistency.

2. What happens if something goes wrong?

Oh no, NOBODY wants to ever talk about this! While we would all love to believe that everyone we ever hire does a 100% perfect job 100% of the time, sometimes the whole “human factor” gets in the way!

Is the business or individual you hired insured? You’d be surprised how many “fly by night” detailers, fly under the radar and do not have insurance …. or even a business license!

Anyone who’s viewed our reviews (and if you haven’t, we surely encourage you to do so), can tell that our reputation and the quality of the work we put out means the world to us.

Now while I’d love to lie and say every job thats ever left our shop was 100% perfect….every once in a while, something gets missed! This is something almost no business ever wants to admit to, let alone publicly post! At Windows and Wheels Auto Detailinghowever, we like to keep things 100% transparent and let you know if by chance you are dissatisfied – we’re here to make sure things are made right.

Because of this, we offer free follow up washes after any ceramic coating job so that we can inspect our work. We also have a long history of standing behind our work if any issue arrises. We’ve heard way too many horror stories over the years of someone hiring a company that promises the moon and the stars – but instead takes the money and runs.  Not with us, not ever – and our history across any platform backs this up!

3. How do I maintain the work after it’s done?

To us, this is absolutely key with any of our services.

We want to make sure that you know how to get the most out of any service we provide to you. While we wish ceramic coatings and clear bra were “maintenance free” or will last a lifetime without care, this unfortunately isn’t realistic. If the paint on your $40k, $60k, $100k+ car isn’t bulletproof (if it were, you wouldn’t be looking for protection services like ceramic coatings and clear bra!), they too need maintenance!

Whether providing you with the maintenance services ourselves, providing you with the materials needed or simply directing you to some of our free “How To” videos we’ve done, we will make sure you’re armed with whatever it is you need to get the most out of your Ceramic Coating or Clear Bra. Speaking of which, feel free to check out our “How to Wash Your Car – The Best Way!” Video below.

At the end of the day, Daniela and myself started down this path with the same ground level ethics that was driven into us our entire lives by those who raised us: “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

We don’t want to ever be a “one hit wonder” with any of our clients. We truly work to build a lifetime relationship with anyone who walks through our door. We are the cosmetic keepers of your cars, we are Windows & Wheels – and it’s been very nice to meet you 🙂

As always – questions and comments are welcome! Feel free to reach out and we will be sure to get back to you ASAP!