What Are the Different Shades of Window Tinting?

The process of window tinting is when someone modifies a car’s windows to increase the darkness. Window tinting reduces the amount of visible light that transmits through the window.

There are many benefits to tinting your car’s windows, with one of them being that it is a fantastic way to show off personal flair. Here are a few options to help you if you’re wondering, “What are the different shades of window tinting?”

Add the Midas Touch to Your Vehicle With a Gold Tint

Window tinting comes in five different shades: very light, light, medium, midnight, and dark. These shades block different amounts of light from coming in, and most people install the darker options for increased privacy.

However, a gold tint is a solid option if you want to stand out from the crowd. Be sure to check the local guidelines if you want a reflective gold tint. Non-reflective gold looks different than reflective gold, but it is less likely to be regulated by state laws, making it a more accessible option.

For a Classic Feel, Opt for Gray or Charcoal

Charcoal or gray are what people refer to as the most common shade of tint. Although lacking in the wow factor that a gold tint might offer, the light-blocking performance of charcoal or gray is exemplary.

In addition to reducing heat in your car, gray tints protect you from the excessive brightness of the sun, and they offer extra privacy as well. Gray or charcoal tints are perfect for consumers looking to add privacy and sun protection to their vehicles.

Blue Tints Provide Extra Sun Protection

Most cars already have a blue tint near the top six inches of the windshield for sun protection. Unfortunately, this color also attracts the attention of state governments.

The only states that allow you to extend the blue tint on your front windshield beyond the normal amount are Ohio and North Dakota, but they still restrict the amount you can extend. All other states ban extended blue front windshield tints entirely.

California and Texas ban blue tint completely, so avoid it if you live in either state. If you are looking for window tinting in Gilbert, Arizona, be careful if you want blue on your front windshield.

Avoid Any Tint That Is Heavily Restricted

With so many color choices for window tints, plenty of options won’t get you in trouble. However, colors such as red, amber or yellow, and black are all restricted in some states for various reasons. Tints that are reflective beyond a certain limit are also banned often.

Overall, be sure to check with local laws and anticipate where you might be traveling in your vehicle if you want to take it anywhere. Tints are fun and practical, but they can be a real headache when they get you in trouble. Now that you know about the different shades of window tinting, you’ll be able to safely choose the best option for your vehicle.