2013 Regal GS Wheels Pulled Cquartz Finest

Dealers….good ole’ dealers. This detail was done right after the huge restore we had to do on a NEW C7. This car was brand new but had the misfortune of sitting on the lot a few months.They love us….The owner contacted us and told us about his swirl infestation lol – he wanted his new car to actually LOOK new and also wanted some hardcore protection to go along with it. He came in, we checked it out and well yeah, it did need help. We thought a ride in this condition would be the perfect situation to use Adapt. We could use 1 step to get great results which saves us time, saves him money and still leaves a great job in the end. We performed a test spot and got roughly 85-90% correction with a very glossy finish. We showed the owner and said if he’d like better than that, we could surely deliver, but if not then this is what we’d be looking at. He was very content with it and decided to go that route. A few days before the detail he had a dent popped out of that trunk and for whatever reason they decided to go over it with rubbing compound…so that area you see in the first pic….WAS where we had done our test spot oddly enough….they kinda undid it lol. Whatcha gonna do? So first thing was first, prep. We were going to skip the wheels and tires since we’d just be pulling them later on, no sense in cleaning them on the car when its WAY easier off the car. There she was, awaiting her bath. The color was BEAUTIFUL. Hard to believe it was a Buick…nice design and…Brembo brakes? Yeah this aint your daddys Buick lol. Prep being done…Dani spraying Iron X to help break down bonded contaminates on the paint:

Car was washed with Iron-X soap as well – which is quickly becoming our new favorite prep wash. Then a prep towel was used to take care of any contaminates left…the car was pulled into the garage and…bam!

Now as i said, this was going to be a 1-step polish, and Adapt came through like a champ. Its earning a permanent place on our shelf for sure. Not perfect but, pretty damn nice:

Not baaaad at all.

This was consistent with the transformation we were able to get through out the car. A very nice combo of great correction and glossy finish.

But as I mentioned, there was more work to be done…these big wheels had to get pulled, cleaned, polished and Opti-Coated.

As Dani would say “Grossness” lol

So wheel faces and barrels were cleaned. Tires were all scrubbed clean on both sides…just cause if you’re gonna pull the wheels – you have to clean the tire on both sides…you just DO.

Now the process was, i pull em and clean em – then Dani would take and polish them, coat them and dress the tires (both sides of the tires of course). While she did that, i’d clean the wheel well area, dress the plastic with Opti-Bond and prep the calipers for coating as well.

The first night we were able to get one wheel done, the other 3 were saved for the next day. Dani workin’ the wheel in the cold:

Applying Opti-Coat Pro/  That night we also managed to get CQuartz Finest applied to the paint…it looked amazing on this ride.

Here was Dani, still bundled in our freezing 50something degree weather out here at night (yes i know you mid-west folks want to hang us for that statement!) doing a final wipe on the paint after removing the 2nd coat of Finest:

Smaller details were also completed such as plastic trim, door jambs etc: and the small things really make a difference. This is why i LOVE using spotless water, it makes cleaning into grilles and vents like this SO much easier…and it really gives a very finished look to the vehicle in the end: Remember…BUICK! Yeah you know you like it…Now here is a very cool note to end it all. The owner came back 2 weeks later for his follow up wash…when he pulled up…we noticed a TON of white dots all over his passenger front quarter panel and door. One word…sprinklers. The owner told us he had his sprinklers set to go on only when he wasn’t home, but had come home for something in an off hour and BAM…white chickenpox! They were heavy too, he ran his hand over it lightly and you could hear them. They had been on for around 24 hours. We were a bit concerned but figured we’d wash the car and deal with the spots afterwards if need be. After washing and drying….well, there was no need to go after the spots. They released 100% just from washing. NOTHING visibly left and NO drag during drying or touching the paint. This is one of the huge plus’s of Finest – we’d heard other detailers say they experienced the same thing, but it was great to see it in person.
Fun detail, first official “wheels off” detail (other than our own rides lol). We have a 370z with us right now that will be receiving the same treatment tomorrow/Saturday.
Thanks guys for reading.