Dodge Hellcat – Full Paint Correction & CQuartz Finest…only the best

A couple of months back we had the pleasure of doing a full paint correction and apply the CQuartz Finest treatment to this beautiful black Hellcat. This would be the 6th Hellcat in Arizona receiving this treatment.Being a few months old, it already had some signs of wear, but we’ll get to that shortly. First up was the prep wash!For those who haven’t seen, this is the wash area of our new shop! Here is where we clean the tires, rims, wheel wells and all the other nasty stuff prior to pulling it into the garage. As always, spotless water making life easier when having to wash in full sun out in Gilbert, Arizona.Once pulled in, we clayed the paint to remove any remaining bonded contaminates. Then, Dani did her taping magic to protect all the plastic trim pieces on this baby. The red and black looked pretty cool.
Next it was time to inspect the paint under some high-powered LED lights. While the overhead lighting in our shop is great, it still falls well short of being able to spot the defects we’ll be going after.While this paint was metallic black,  as usual black is quite easy to see defects on. Once we spotted our enemy, it was time to figure out our attack plan. This is where we go about doing a “test spot”…which lets us know what combo of pads, product, pressure and machine will best work for this specific car.
Once we’d cracked the code, it was time to get on the grind and make this beast look the way it should.The paint started showing its true colors …The metal flake really started to pop…Make no mistake, there is a LOT of paint to polish on these big boys. But, that doesn’t mean you forget about all the small areas..Ouch !A nice improvement! A little clean up needed around the badging, but the paint cleaned up nicely.Slowly but surely these….Turned into this,Paint selfie:
Once the paint had be polished to its glossiest state, it was time to do an Eraser wipe down, prepping the paint for CQuartz Finest. This step insures there is no polish residue, finger print oil or anything else that could interfere with Finest bonding to the paint.
Once prepped it was time to apply the most exclusive, best looking and best protecting paint coating available.
Id say thats glossing up nicely Not to be forgotten…the wheels too were prepped to receive Finest. This helps a lot with clean up of brake dust during maintenance washes.
Tires were dressed with Carpro’s PERL
Once two coats had been applied and allowed to cure…it was time for some beauty shots. Gloss like this doesn’t come from your over the counter wax or corner car wash….gloss like this comes from taking hours to pamper every inch…in prep, polish and protection. The end results say it all…Id say you could shave in thatThe owner of this car was none other than the 2010-2011 NCAA 125 lbs weight class wrestling championship (an ASU home town hero!) The license plate was very appropriate….when we asked him about it…he said it was a quote from one of his favorite movies, “Tombstone”.
Anyone who’s watched this movie would agree Val played the best Doc Holliday ever…just saying.
End of the day, we made the ugly paint “say when” and left this baby looking the way it should.